February 11, 2013

Lao Tzu Returns to the City (originally posted at Dog Zen Koans on Feb. 16, 2005)


Like a thief in the night Lao Tzu returns to the city.
A loose-wheel patriot, I will cheer for the goodness of the universal nation.

Like a fundamentalist I will save all beings, forgetting to leave behind some at the rapture.
A jihadist gone astray, I will chop the root of every unhappiness.

Ignoring Kali Yuga, indomitable and coarse, I gather a sweet offering for beings' release.
Oblivious to externals, I see potential.

The scriptural omission of the concern of animals and their emancipation is in evidence
But I'm not going without them either, dammit.

You see, long ago I became versed in the myths of the educated
And long ago let that go.
Only those burnt by the bodhi-flame can understand
The tree, ignoring biology, is just fine.

On the periphery a small but adamant group of students gather at the union
This disorganized band of Indians will have to do.
It is important to die crazy.

© 2005 FlowWorld Vol 2, Padma Tenzin Sol