August 4, 2007

The Three Committments

The teacher needs no apple
You can catch hold of one walking toward the sun
Make your connection with awakeness, sources and an attitude!

Sincerity is expensive
Willingly burning what should have been done long ago
Hold your commitment to awakeness, sources with the attitude!

The board has been covered with all your writings
It's hard to decipher, result's not too good
Set your root in the awakeness and the sources with an attitude!

The chalk makes that scraping sound and you feel intelligent
Inside yourself you can find the eraser
Take refuge in awakeness, sources and the attitude!

There is a serious problem, we know it's not possible
Except where everything is possible
So consider refuge in awakeness, sources with an attitude!

It's impossible to ask and not receive,
Impossible for the lineage not to appear.
Make haste toward the awakeness and the sources with the attitude.