November 24, 2004

Solburger's Sanskrit Lesson #89: Givingthanks

I give thanks to the Guru-Yidham-Dakini
(trans. My helpers, and pure expression of what should be known and expressed)

Lord Christ
Karmapa (16)
and Da-In!

In celebration....
A feast of enjoyments beyond comprehension! (torma)
May the door-enterers now engage, generating the overflowing infinite bliss,
The renderings of thankfulness and joy.
If you have doubt, touch the screen, feel the bliss.

November 23, 2004

Eulogy for Matt Schoener

Matt Schoener certainly doesn’t need a eulogy,
But it could help others
So I will ruin this nice quiet with my slipshod mind

Arriving in this yuga,
Is like being dropped in a tub of poison:
Nobody gets the easy treatment.

You got to do what you got to do,
So in that passing moment we call life,
Never putting up with us new-age morons,
You left a trail of frauds, crushed and strewn behind.

You never charged enough.
We probably should have bowed.
You didn’t need to be so nice.
You trapped attention in forms and events so fun,
Even you bought into them sometimes,
But the secret was really in how you did the chicken.
Anyway, I’m glad you get to work it from the easy side,
Especially since this isn’t your best planet.

This kind of person doesn’t need to go to heaven,
Crucified upside down,
You can now fly in all directions
In your empty subtle body.

Now I complain;
“Excuse me, didn’t I just see Bodhidharma?
Sorry you missed him.
Without direction and discipline
Aren’t we just kleenexes?

The inconceivable is inconceivable.
Those who speak don’t know:
When the mystic friend steps away.
This becomes a lonely dream.”

Disregarding that samsara continues to be all the rage,
Behind closed doors, the unknown practitioner of the humble secrets
Weeps every single day, embarrassed for the world.

By the way, it comes to mind
That a few reinforcements would be nice.

© The Lotus Organization, 2004

November 12, 2004

Revelation of the Earth Secret, Part Five, Rectification

The Evil Sky-Binkie, riding along, sings his proposterous spontaneous song.
Singing in strong, in a country style, all the while holding the wryest smile:

Can I be straight with you?
I suppose its hard to see.
Now you slip beneath the water line.
If you won’t take a look, what can you find?
Ok, push your head up high, just tow the line.
I’ve been there too.

They say there’s more to this than what you think,
It's just we're just caught up in our stuff.
Then you heard there’s treasure buried there
Then you got it and you came to care.
Just when you thought there’s nothing new to see
You found out about the real me.

There’s a place that you might like to go
It isn’t really all that far.
Shake your shell off, you might see a sign
To where the sun’s so bright that the dreams will find
Or you can just keep tying that big black knot,
Is that all you got?

It’s a place that’s on brighter side
Now its time to take that place.
Misunderstanding fades, you smile in stride
I can see the world reflecting in your eyes.
After all the things you tried to be
You went and found your real me.

"The Real Me" song and lyric © 2004 Sol Ta Triane/Pizza Pie Music

November 10, 2004

Generosity-Liberality Vs. International Narcissism

We have been told the importance of generosity by Christ, Buddha, Mother Teresa, St. Francis, and so on. The Tibetan Kagyu system of perfecting yourself six ways begins with generosity, Herbert Guenther, the great and inspirational translator, gives us the word "liberality". That to me really means open to sharing.

Now use this link and study the page. Look closely. Notice a decisive trend in the generosity of the people in these 50 States? "Liberal" states don't seem to be very liberal when it comes to sharing their money. Understanding why this is can help you unchain yourself from nihilism.

This information would shock the Dalai Lama!

Now, a bit about karma (sanskrit). This energy of selflessness creates prosperity. So, according to the law of karma, Mississippi, the poorest state will someday be the richest! You might consider moving there if you feel natural around a more sharing, kinder type of people.

Inversely, you can understand how poor countries got that way.

The wealth of the Western world is a result of good past karma. In order to keep it, we will need to generate good karma, through generosity, kindness and compassion. What about future predictions? I don't think people are ready for it.

Technically, there's no greater love then in the sacrifice of the body,
But a yogi sacrifices body and mind.
The closed-minded think about sharing
In the context of a write-off.

A simple dollar in the offering basket resounds the future.
Even if the hurricane missed the dream house on the Gulf Coast,
Just thinking of me, something always remains unsatisfying.

This life is really brief
May we earn our keep
And have happiness.

Who wants to go to visit some of these giving states and talk to the people and see where they are coming from? Maybe the good old America has something good going for it. I know the socialist response: "These are just those dumb Christians mindlessly being duped into giving to their churches."


This story is about my friend, Michael E's deceased mother, a bodhisattva, (compassionate one). She lived in Mississippi, that most kind of states (see study above). Even with her husband deceased and her being old and poor, she spent all her time baking pies and making food for the elderly with the little money she had. She never worried about being broke, she just helped others. She lived and died happily and peacefully and you can rest assured that she went straight to "heaven" with no doubt. May we all become like her, free and unconcerned about ourselves, living in simple kindness.

November 9, 2004

Sanskrit, The Solburger Method

Today's word is bodhichitta.


bodhichitta=an enlightened mind

Seeing the light in others or their work can help us to awaken to our own bodhichitta.

Nihilism Will Bury Your Goodness

Target Stores have now banned the Salvation Army. Charming.

The others are too depressing. I don't want to bum you out with more.

November 8, 2004



How Much Energy?

How much energy would it take to accomplish the view and meditation into fruition?
The energy that you normally waste would do the job.
It's a giant thing to clarify
How our ego path is confusion and waste of energy,
And that you have all the basic materials.

November 6, 2004

Doesn't she know that it's impolite to stare?

"I have discovered the primordial stew!"

"Somebody painted this turban and beard on me. Do I care?"

The Four "No Bull" Truths

The fact of our suffering.
The cause of all suffering.
The fact that all suffering can end.
How to do it.

images 12 People today are trying harder than ever to be happy,
But they don’t know how.
If you talk to a nihilist about going for it, she thinks it doesn’t exist.
If you discuss it with religious people, they get scared about losing their sticky hope.

No wonder the Buddha didn’t know what to do when he became enlightened.

November 5, 2004

"Arise and take our stand for freedom as in the olden time."
Winston Churchill

November 3, 2004


He called a little child and had him stand among them.
And he said:
"I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children,
You will never enter the kingdom of heaven.
Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child
Is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 18

Comment in Learning from Lucas

Sorry, I realized I was missing the teachings being given, so I started back at the first post. Reviewing it twice so far. Now there appears to be some clarity, but experiencing a block in writing words. One awakening was a "self" thinking (Nihilist)"I'll never be free from suffering." One (eternalist) is saying "you already have freedom." Both are empty in every direction one looks. With no real fruit, the conceptual mind still shouting protocols of it's own making. Yes, real fruit is the skillful means in the wonderful teachings. Thank you. Also seeing, I've been pushing away my conceptual mind instead of embracing it as a notch in some sort of key of liberation.

by Lucas

New Use of Language: Part Four, Condemned

"There is a Barrier of crucial importance. In front of it sit a row of stern officials, each of whom is there to test the ability of those who wish to negotiate the Barrier. Unless you pass their muster, you don't get through.

"Along comes a man, announcing that he is a wheelwright. He sits down, fashions a wheel, shows it to the officials, and they let him pass. Another person walks up, an artist. He produces a brush and paints them a picture. They usher him through the gates. A singing girl is allowed to pass after she sings them a refrain from one of the current songs. She is followed by a priest of one of the Pure Land sects. He intones loud invocations of the Nembutsu - 'Namu-amida-butsu,' 'Namu-amida-butsu.' The gates swing open and he proceeds on his way.

"At this point, another man clothed in black robes appears. He says that he is a Zen monk. One of the guardians of the Barrier remarks that 'Zen is the crowning pinnacle of all the Buddhas.' He then asks: 'What is Zen?'

"All the monk can do is stand there, in a blank daze, looking like a pile of brushwood. The officials take one look at the nervous sweat pouring from under his arms and write him off as a rank impostor. A highly suspicious and totally undesirable character. So he winds up as a poor devil of an outcast, condemned to a wretched existence outside the Barrier."

Hakuin, trans. Norman Waddell

The Zen Warrior is a Liberal and a Conservative

A Zen Warrior is liberal, in that he can see all points of view and relate to each with an understanding as to why that view exists.

Liberal, in that he spent his past and will spend his future on that which is meaningful, without the fear of fitting in.

Liberal, in that he has recognized a naturalness which is nonjudgemental, and therefore hosts a vast and compassionate mind.

Liberal, in playfulness and creativity, never getting caught in temporal cultural or vogue ideas.

Liberal, in giving and in sacrifice, even gladly offering his life, as did his forefathers, in order to benefit beings.

Liberal, with a clairvoyant mind that can perceive others suffering and can trace it back to its cause: elitism, narcissism, egotism and blame, feeling sad because they are unable to share his sense of joy and freedom.

Liberal, in that he can be conservative, too, if that is the highest good.

A Zen Warrior is conservative, in his concern about the suffering of the future generations, who will live difficult lives as an effect of the degradation of morality and values.

Conservative about wanting to return to a belief in unlimited human potential.

Conservative, in that, since everyone is connected to spirit, everyone has something to give and should give it, not merely because there's a governmental law mandating it, but as universal moral law of sharing.

Conservative, because, since life is the magical and sacred divine creativity, and since bureaucracies tend to displace peoples spontaneous creativity and helpfulness, governments should help in areas only when it is really necessary and doesn't detract from the natural tendencies to be helpful.

Conservative, because the mentality that believes that government can make everything good, is actually harmful in that it will makes the people poor and causes their creative power to become incapacitated.

Conservative, in having core values beyond "anything is OK (mentality).

Conservative, in sticking with whatever it takes for the highest good.

Number One Problem in Modern People

Problem number one, the thing that keeps people stuck the most. The dysfunction that makes it impossible to rejoice in this world and creativity.....wait a minute.

(It's not lack of peace
It's not lack of ordinary intelligence
It's not lack of equanimity
It's not lack of religion
It's not too much religion)

The number one problem in modern people is that they are wimps. Being wimpy (does that have an "h" in it?) means you don't have it in you to address the profound issues of life. Wimpiness will become an additional blogging topic on DogZen and I would be glad to hear your comments about your own and other observed wimpiness.

I want to to collect "go for it" type statements so send me any you can think of. Gird your loins!
I will make a future blog with the "go for its" you send me.

Real Compassion

"When I hear people say: ‘I want the old Tony Blair back, the one who cares’, I'll tell you something: I don’t think, that as a human being, as a family man, I’ve changed at all. But I have changed as a leader. I have come to realize that caring in politics isn’t really about ‘caring’. It’s about doing what you think is right and sticking to it."

The Prime Minister of Great Britain, October, 2004

November 2, 2004

Three Stages in the Opening Lotus: Stage Two, Path


The Way of Enlightenment

Transformation Techniques based on
original awareness empowerment followed by
Instructions on Mind/Nature.

Daily Practice including:

Contemplation and Study (Four Reflections and Noble Truth, Teachings of Christ and Tao)

Decision to enter the path and Three Commitments

Energy Work, Empowerment and Purification of Awareness and Energy

Rushen, Differentiating, and Testing

This is the Path Section of the Teaching of Lovestream and The Lotus since its revelation in 1989.

Three Stages in the Opening Lotus: Stage One, Confusion

Stage One:

(Naive Realism)

The Two Philosophies:
Nihilism and Eternalism

Activities with no Benefit

Perpetuation of Suffering

You don't have to accomplish this: you already have! You just need to understand what happened.

Waiting for Alz Youz Guyz

images 12

November 1, 2004

Welcome to the DogZen Blog, a Teaching Panoblog

For the new folks coming online, I thought I would mention the current topic we are presenting on the DogZen Blog. Since Zen, Tao, and other esoteric teachings have paticular understandings about the world that we can't put in a conventional intellectual box, I choose to represent this special knowledge in an unconventional panoply. This discussion is for adults who are willing to marshall their very best to address the questions of the ages. You may wish to consider the topics something that must be brought into a mature understanding in order for you to be fully human.

Please read all the past posts. The current topic is focusing around the critical topic of NIHILISM and its effect on us. So at this time, the panoply dances around this topic. Of course you regulars already knew that. A few posts back there was a pronouncement that you and I are infected by IT, and that this Factor "N" will hurt you. If you don't know what nihilism means, it's when you believe that you think you are real as the way you see yourself...AND, that that very "self" will "die". It is inferred that this belief "Factor" will effect almost everything you do, to your detriment. Even if you think of yourself as a spiritual person, you probably are really nihilistic, and that's why you need this. This is a first main reason why people are not progressing on a spirtual path.

The ongoing topic will be natural wisdom mind, which never ceases to be, and so is always up for discussion. But at this time, it must be spoken of in context with "nihlism". Thanks for trying.

I would like to see everyone go much deeper into the panoply discussion and contemplate on the current. If you can follow and do the self-motivated exercises that are obvious to some of you, you will be learning very advanced types of meditation. Those of you with a traditional background in Mahamudra and Dzogchen, or Zen, you are very welcome. Please understand that I am trying to avoid the use of traditional style of teaching, honoring the tradition of freedom, because I believe that we can speak mostly in ordinary language, (hopefully with extraordinary understanding.)

Everything posted is in an order and has meaningiful and personal. Every post is interrelated. If you can't see the connection, try harder and reread everything. Real seeking makes for real finding. Sincere questions and comments are welcome, just leave a comment. Good questions may be posted on the main post for all to consider.

Please use this resourse to benefit yourself, and ultimitely, others, as you have wanted all along. Batton down the hatches! You can conquer your own illusions, so gird your loins; sleeper, awake!

Part Three: Factor "N" Discussion

Factor "N" is the biggest problem in the world. It was introduced in very ancient times and grew and has ended every culture until today. The suffering caused by Factor "N" is unfathomable and spans history.

Today the entire population is a part of the cult of Factor "N". Factor "N" itself makes it impossible to tell it is affecting you. You need some Factor "A" to get a glimpse of life beyond Factor "N". Fortunately, Factor "A" can work very well, but its tricky to get a hold of.

Now some people have said that there is no Factor "N and its just a conspiricy theory, something for late night talk radio. But Factor "N" can't even be discussed by conspiricy lovers...they have already succommed, as soon as you explain it, they wouldn't be interested. The nature of a cult is that you don't know you are in it and you're not aware of it's deception.

Recognizing natural wisdom and stabilizing in it is the only way to break free of the huge cult, because it is a planetary cult.

Dear readers of Dog Zen: Please send in your comments on what you think about factor "N" and I will post them! Lets discuss this great problem now.

Just as buddhas in illumination and dakinis that dance wildly are fictions to nihilists,
If I embrace their pessimism, I help the gods create unending grief.
Believing that that's the best I can do,
What kind of a person am I?