November 17, 2010

A Two-Bit Witch

Her reach for self-glory
A most unpleasant story
Not fun to re-tell
Here the tale of her hell
(It didn't go well)

She waits with impatience
For the magic to start
She said that it's love
But it's push with no heart
She looked in your eye
And you started to twitch
You got hooked, little fish, by a two-bit witch

She made you feel good
When she showed you the store
You felt grateful inside
You had wished you had more

When she said "have some cool"
Then you started to itch,
The goal is control
For a two-bit witch

Now that you further weaken
And sense never seekin'
Nothing's right where you're at
All your food turns to fat

You're hot on the outside,
Cold on the inside
Now you can't even cry
Do you want to know why?

      You got bit on the butt buy a progress slut
      You got scratched in the snitch by a gnostic bitch

When you gave up on wisdom
Then you started to twitch
You were scammed
Then flim-flammed
By a two-bit witch

      You got bit in the butt by a two-bit witch
      You've been scratched on the snitch by a two-bit witch
      You developed a rash, then you fell for her pitch
      The weak are a meal for a two-bit witch

She said "Free your ass and your mind will follow"*
In time you could see that her dictates were hollow
It's going to take work to escape and proceed
It ain't like this witch, in the end, can succeed

Though sad to see all this futility's hurt
Oh, most blessed day, when this witch will revert

     You searched without meaning, then developed a twitch
     You were bound and then tamed by the two-bit witch.

She gave up long ago
That hard-minded bitch
She now seeks out your lifeforce
Our two-bit witch

November 14, 2010

The Elixir, by George Herbert

Teach me, my God and King,
In all things Thee to see,
And what I do in anything
To do it as for Thee.

Not rudely, as a beast,
To run into an action;
But still to make Thee prepossest,
And give it his perfection.

A man that looks on glass,
On it may stay his eye;
Or it he pleaseth, through it pass,
And then the heav'n espy.

All may of Thee partake:
Nothing can be so mean,
Which with his tincture—"for Thy sake"—
Will not grow bright and clean.

A servant with this clause
Makes drudgery divine:
Who sweeps a room as for Thy laws,
Makes that and th' action fine.

This is the famous stone
That turneth all to gold;
For that which God doth touch and own
Cannot for less be told.

October 7, 2010

Thoughts Were Thoughts

I turned around
No thing to do
No poem to write:
Not one, not two

When I turned around
The left was right
It took this pickle
To end the fight

And down was up
As up is down
Because thoughts were thoughts
When I turned around

Not both, not neither
Not two, not one
I think I'll celebrate this fun
Take a breather, work is done

New-born glowing, not knowlegeable
I am the baby king of all
Enjoying that crudity which is usually hated
Moving in with the Ones to Whom I'm mated

May 1, 2010

Maybe This-All Won't Be-All So Bad

That, sort of, relationship you had
Add some drama and it makes it so sad
So you had to move out
Though you feasted on doubt
Maybe this-all won't be-all so bad

Puffing stogies under a fan
Cue Katy Lied, Steely Dan
You think you're the bad
That's what goes with a fad
Maybe this-all won't be-all so bad

You pout and you cry for no reason
To my knowledge you committed no treason
It's the leaving season
And the bed will be freezin'
But in truth this just ain't-all so bad

So you paint a sad cloud in your sky
"He'll take back what he did by and by"
When you thought you should go
He came back with a shove
But your ship went to sail
The vast ocean above

So the next time you're worried about fairity
Try to rub out that scratch in your clarity
Say g'bye to Don Juan
'Think it's time to move on
Maybe this-all won't be-all so bad