November 2, 2005

This Excellent Age

And the Thing Called “Attaining Enlightenment”

Now that signs are here to show that Kali Yuga is here, you might think of this as a particularly bad time to "be here." This is a hard time for most people, but it’s also a golden age for others. There are a few that are nonetheless working on a project that will eventually lead everybody into spiritual awakening. For those initiated and focused into what is Kali’s fast path, the effect of Kali Yuga is a boon. For aspirants who are unable to enter the essency lineages, at best it’s a mixed bag.

A general understanding of Kali Yuga is that the beings incarnated at that time are incurring, creating and burning karma at faster and faster rates. There is growing suffering, and overall this direction will increase. A complete acceleration through disintegration will happen at the end of the Kali age, this over tens of thousands of years, certainly not in the next years like some new agers and a few Christians are proposing.

Now about the fast path: the road less followed. An awakening initiate’s mentality is ever recognizing the profound difference between what creates samsara and what is actual freedom (see rushen practice within traditional Dzogchen tradition as an excellent example). Within that ever perfecting awareness, the future master’s potential arises, a sword pulling out from its sheath.

A common belief is that the dysfunctional state of mankind and individualization is negative and to be overcome. This is the best way for people to see things, that is until they reach the line of protected force that is the masters' illuminating path. I am not repeating something I have heard, but testifying to my own experience. The door of this path is in the mentality of a humble and well-wishing person. Opening that door, one finds out about one’s self and the universe simultaneously.

Many people are interested in the spiritual path these days. If that sounds like you, you might want to look into what your actual motivation is, what you are seeking. Churches and neo-spiritual groups today are commercializing and bypassing what was taught by the Masters: Lord Christ, Buddha, Lao Tsu, or St. Francis/KH. There are even new liberal churches that don’t expect you to believe in anything greater than ordinary materialistic life. Do you agree that this is corruption, that the lineage is broken?

This corruption is a sign of the time, Black Mom Kali’s Time. (If you don’t know, she is seen often as black and very wild). But Kali herself isn’t corrupt at all. We are. She is here to wake up some and at least burn up some karma for everybody. Therein is good news. The few on this Fast Path are spiritual heroes and hold much of the potential unfoldment and correction of the “earth problem” in their daily-learning hands.

The heroism depicted in literature and movies reflects what is actually happening to those initiated to awakening in this age. A good example is Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. The Terminator is another. The authors intuit places and situations, then share their vision in characters that you would never suspect, where the person must awaken to their aliveness of spirit.

This human spirit is beautiful, and how it is unfolding is far beyond the comprehension of nihilistic or eternalist values, Kali Yuga’s two popular ways of thinking. A nihilist thinks this is all grandiose talk; the eternalist can’t keep focused on the real meaning of the story, which is too bad. But, pay attention, y’all: these stories are calling us to wake up.

That voice of awakening isn't fooled by materialistic pessimism. Those dark minds in our media unknowingly report the darkening of their own minds, seeing only the blindness and disorder in our roughening Kali Yuga. They are that blindness. The tendency in this age is a growing narcissism and to follow narcissistic solutions, which generally means that you blame everyone but yourself for your unhappiness.

How can an initiate of Christ, Buddha-Tao use this Kali-negativity? This in only to be discussed and used in the proper time. Many amateur groups and individuals are trying to teach spiritual sexuality, consciousness raising, creativity training, or psychism, but that is just causing confusion for those involved and frustrating many who could be growing in this life. The true tantric path or Fast Path involves the protection and empowerment of a true lineage, otherwise Kali Yuga will chew you up and...well, you know. It is a good to admit what works and what doesn't in the Kali field. To crack the Kali code, that truth seeking needs to be your ongoing approach to life. Nothing else will break through the materialism and overcome its tricky sister, spiritual materialism.

The good news is that Kali Yuga has the stuff that initiates need in order to become useful (masters), and it has more of that stuff than any other cycle in history can provide. Think of all the excuses an individual may have to really putting everything into the spiritual path. Think of how everything around you is saying not to do it. The pressure to fail in learning true meditation and facing up to your magicness is like a nonstop 24/7/365 attack: brainwashing from friends, the media, culture, and of course, ourselves. BUT. If you have even the slightest sense of transcendental compassion in all of this mess, even for a moment, that would be the equivalent of ten lifetimes of a pure Sattva Yuga meditation without even stopping for a break. Think about this special time and the opportunity that you have.

Please know that we spiritual practitioners (yes, we are constantly doing practices) are not just helping ourselves. We never separate from others, even in retreat or renunciation. We have a particular learning, a particular help and responsibility.

We work for the world. Dear environmentalist: we can help you because we are the true environmentalists. To the liberal or anarchist, our lineage represents the true freedom that you have been seeking so desperately. To the conservative or religious person, we are the awaking to the accomplishment of what you have wished. Do you get it?

The mystic people, unknown to the public, dance the buttons that underlie secrets, meanings and sciences. All along, though, we can not stop you from being small. You must choose or your karma will for you. These are hard things to understand at first, but you can get it eventually.

Have a good one,