June 29, 2006

Schmoogley's Risk

Reaching out to make others feel good
Doesn't end their continuation as morons.
Reaching to help yet another, the first falls back:
How are you going to explain that to your real Mom?
How can you say that God is good?

The girl danced and danced: I trust her truth
She forgot how she was supposed to be
Forgetting to help, she takes the great risk
So to spin the world off its trajectory
Exposing old heroes as ordinary spooks.

The cat got chased without a dog zen thought.
The redneck doesn't care much for Superman's tights.
As Schmoogley boy would like a bone today,
Mr. Whitman has boldly declared his delights,
And the dancer she shakes, caring not what she ought.

While all must love, the chosen let it go,
Knowing the difference between leaves and the wood,
One is pecked off, the other stays.
The vow is the remnant of the magic good
The pith, not the fluff, the wise do know.

June 6, 2006

Google Shores Up Regime, Mumbles Something

Hight tech big shot Google is much more dangerous than Enron ever was. The corporate thieves at Enron stole thousands of peoples money. But Google has been helping the Chinese government to keep their billion people uninformed and controlled. Hey, I guess Google really needs the money.......arf, arf.


One of the important conditions needed for the Dharma to flourish is that one lives in a nation that allows freedoms such as free speech! I find it amazing that most people don't understand that the largest country in the world is a freedom free zone when it comes to speech, philosophy and religion, not just politics and economics. I also see that most folks don't appreciate the exceptional nature of living in America or nation which doesn't politicize and manipulate its religions. If we allow this kind of Chinese oppression to happen without a concern, in the same way, some day, we will lose what we have.

"Religion" in China is government controlled and most sects are just absurd materialism and idealism cults with government planted leaders. They don't have access to the secrets of the Buddha Dharma, Christ or the original Tao. But China is the home of great philosophy and religion, right? In short, they lost most of what they once had. Their bizarre forms of Buddhism is very superstitious and culty, Taoism has degraded superstition, ghost removal and materialistic feng shui is common. Lacking rich and fulfilling undercurrents, people seek out cults like Falun Gong and magic. We have to remember, politically incorrect though it is, that they are communists bent on destroying religion in this most insidious of ways. Millions have been persecuted, jailed, tortured or killed.

The media in China is an anti freedom propaganda machine. Every article, every TV report, every magazine or newspaper about the USA or free nations is spun against freedom. Statistics and stories are freely invented under government supervision to make America and it's freedoms look bad.

Here we have a giant of a story that is largely ignored. But it won't go away because it's affecting the psychology of a billion people, therefore it will affect us all.

If you want to help, try get a hold of somebody at China-enablers at Google to bitch. Let me know if you get a phone number or a corporate email so I can post it.

Here's my plan for what those Google billionaires can do instead of mumbling with their hands in their pockets.

1) Give the blood money back to China.
2) Undo all censorship based work.
3) Apologize to the people of China for helping their government to oppress them.