May 1, 2010

Maybe This-All Won't Be-All So Bad

That, sort of, relationship you had
Add some drama and it makes it so sad
So you had to move out
Though you feasted on doubt
Maybe this-all won't be-all so bad

Puffing stogies under a fan
Cue Katy Lied, Steely Dan
You think you're the bad
That's what goes with a fad
Maybe this-all won't be-all so bad

You pout and you cry for no reason
To my knowledge you committed no treason
It's the leaving season
And the bed will be freezin'
But in truth this just ain't-all so bad

So you paint a sad cloud in your sky
"He'll take back what he did by and by"
When you thought you should go
He came back with a shove
But your ship went to sail
The vast ocean above

So the next time you're worried about fairity
Try to rub out that scratch in your clarity
Say g'bye to Don Juan
'Think it's time to move on
Maybe this-all won't be-all so bad