January 13, 2013

Your Real Me

Can I be straight with you?
I know it's hard to see
When you slipped beneath the waterline,
If you're asking me, you was hardly trying
Hide in daily life, pretend you're there
I've been there too...

You've heard there's more to this than what we think,
They say we're caught up in our stuff
They even said there's treasure buried there
Then you listened, and you came to care
Just when you thought there's nothing new to see
You found out about your real me

There's a place that you might like to go
It really isn't all that far
Shake your shell off, you might see the signs,
To where the sun shines bright and the dreams will find –
Or you can just keep tying that big black knot:
Is that all you got?

Now this place it's on the brighter side--
Now it's time to take your place
Misunderstanding fades, you smile in stride
I see the world is reflecting in your eyes
Just when you thought there's nothing more to see,
You went and found your real me.