June 27, 2012

Chapter 2: Subhuti Requests the Method Towards Bodhisattvahood and Enlightenment –– THE LOTUS SUTRA

    The very venerable monk named Subhuti was in attendance. Subhuti stood up and uncovered his right shoulder. Kneeling upon his right knee and joining his palms together he implored, “How amazing, World-Honored One, this meta-genius method by which You train bodhisattvas—confiding in them information most profound! Now how should we apply this: How is it that a man or a woman of integrity can take the steps to becoming a bodhisattva and attaining perfect enlightenment? How should they be conducting themselves, and what kind of practice should they be doing? What should they be doing with their minds?”
    “Good for asking, Subhuti! You’re right—I do confide in bodhisattvas the meta-genius knowledge, sharing with them the greatest of profundities. Listen, for I now shall explain how a man or woman of integrity can come to enter into this confidential wisdom, and too the manner in which they should conduct themselves and apply their minds.”
    The venerable Subhuti responded, “This is most excellent, World-Honored One! Please tell us!”

        "The Diamond Teaching"  (Vajracchedika Prajna Paramita Sutra)
                tr. by Sol Ta Triane
                Featuring the Buddha in a discussion with his disciple, Subhuti
                Recorded by the disciple, Ananda  

June 22, 2012

A DogZen Simpleton's Instructions: The Actual Practice of Dzogchen

(This article, from January 2005, has been the single most read page on the Dog Zen Koans. We republish it today for your reading pleasure.)

If you want to learn the meaning of Dzogchen and get its benefits
You will have to overcome your twisting of the Dharma, spirituality and everything else.
You should understand:
It’s going to take an organized and ongoing effort,
Until the dam of artificiality breaks free.

Here goes:
When you hear about looking into your mind, no matter where it comes from,
Just go ahead and do it.

At first glance, whatever mind is, for sure you see thoughts and feelings.
You don’t know what you are doing; it's okay.
There are thoughts and feelings.

Just for now, forget about the word “mind” and just look at those thoughts and feelings that you see   When you tried to find the mind.
Focus on “what thoughts are”
Look in your mind for the answer, don’t look at me or your memory.
You must focus, look directly and observe the thinking.

This looking at thoughts and wondering what they are must continue
Until you are fully confident that thinking
Is utterly and completely unlimited in its potential seeming situations and formulations.

This process of getting used to knowing this takes a length of time to incorporate.
My suggestion is to forget about goofy meditating and just do this!

If you do what I said and keep going, at some point
An unquestionable confidence in how thoughts and emotions exist will arise,
Each thought, limited and impermanent,
And its rising knowledge will change you in a big way.
You will know that you could be thinking anything, anywhere, anytime! Wowie!
There are ultimately no governors that control what you can think or feel.

June 21, 2012

Chapter 15: Efficacy Towards Enlightenment’s Beatification of Bodies and Locations –– THE DIAMOND SUTRA

     “And Subhuti! Let’s say there are men or women who engage perpetually in the ascetic act of giving away their body, in order to induce a spiritual benefit. They practice this giving of the body piously; morning, noon and night for quadrillions of eons; repeating the practice as many times as there are particles in the mud of the Ganges riverbed. Compare them to people who are prepared to listen to this teaching without their minds closing down. What would be created by these latter people’s actions would be of hugely greater benefit! And it would be again more beneficial if they recited, studied and began to comprehend, explaining this teaching and its points to others! Very special is this teaching, designed for the latter type of person, able to use this super-efficient advice! As they learn, uphold and effectively share this teaching, I the Transcendent-Yet-Appearing Individual shall notice (with my intuition, vision and meta-knowing) that each of them by this will create an inconceivably vast goodness. In glory, they shall wear the very raiment of buddhahood.

     “Subhuti! It should be noted that most people prefer getting information that coincides with an idea that they cherish of having an actual self, or of being someone, or that a self is alive either temporarily or eternally—which suggests that they aren't going to be making efforts to consider, nor will they comprehend this teaching. They just aren't going to be open to being helped at this time.

     “Just the same, when a sincere effort to understand or share this Perfection of Wisdom teaching does occur, that locus of dispensation shall be beatified, renowned and venerated by wisdom beings, human and ethereal.”

        "The Diamond Teaching"  (Vajracchedika Prajna Paramita Sutra)
                tr. by Sol Ta Triane
                Featuring the Buddha in a discussion with his disciple, Subhuti
                Recorded by the disciple, Ananda  

June 10, 2012

Seven Facets of our World System

Inclusive within the fact of creativity being limitless, the facets of the jewel of this creation were chosen in the form of sevens. Objects seem to slump to one facet or the other, or to none at all, becoming ubiquitous.

The creator's facet-law may be perceived as a rainbow of colors, a scale of sounds, a pallette of smells or tastes and too, that catchall we call "mind". The wholes part into the sevens, the desired effect.

Much has been taught about the senses and the sevens, here now, that which is called mind shall be addressed:

The Jewel is Love and Wisdom as a unity.
Its facets are...

Love-Wisdom (again)

 Which may display as these opposites...

1. Will-- wrong use extremes: overforcing and underforcing
2. Love-Wisdom-- wrong use extremes: naiveté and superficial love
3. Activity-- wrong use extremes: excess movement and lack of movement
4. Art-- wrong use extremes: perfectionism and conflictedness
5. Organizationality-- wrong use extremes: clunkiness and lack of formation
6. Aspiration--wrong use extremes: emotionalism and dullness
7. Ceremoniality--wrong use extremes: (belief in) control and (belief in) out of control

But better that they are in direct, non-confused expressivity without self-deception:

1. Will--Right Intent
2. Love--Wisdom--bona fide Love and Wisdom
3. Activity--Intelligence, Wisdom, Love in Action, the Holy Spirit
4. Art-Play--playing in the of opposites without clinging
5. Organizationality--useful organization
6. Aspiration--seeking the return toward understanding
7. Ceremoniality--the practice-performance of the magic good