January 18, 2012

Song of Hui-Neng

You want to teach these foolish folks?
Proceed to exorcize their doubt
You'll need to be quite skillful blokes
And then their wisdom will come out

The place of waking, it's right here
Yet in a way fools cannot see
So please don't run away in fear
To seek a world that cannot be

The views of men as in our world
Or thoughts of truth from higher mind
To know that these, they both must go
It's then you'll leave distress behind

This is the straight-talk rousing-up
Known as the wondrous Greater Way,
That leaves confusion's endless cup
For a waking that could come today

songs and poems © sol ta triane, 2012

January 11, 2012

Chapter 9: Clarifying The Levels of Spiritual Practitioners –– THE DIAMOND SUTRA

    “Subhuti! What do you think? Would someone who entered the stream (of advanced spirituality) think, ‘I’m a stream-enterer!'"

    Subhuti said, “No, World-Honored One. And the reason why they wouldn’t think it, is that a person who has entered the stream knows that stream-enterers haven’t actually entered anything. They would know that they haven't entered a new paradigm of vision, sound, smell, taste, or feeling. They would know that they haven't actually entered anything at all. It’s what makes them stream-enterers!”

    “Subhuti! What do you think? Would those who we call 'once-more returners' have the thought that they had accomplished the level of a 'once-more returner'?”

    Subhuti said, “No, World Honored One. They wouldn’t think that way, because these once-more returners, though their name implies it, don’t actually return. Being capable of this understanding, they are honored with the title of 'once-more returner.'”

    “Subhuti! Does a 'non-returner' think that they have attained the spiritual qualification of never again having to reincarnate?”

    Subhuti replied, “No, World-Honored One. Although the name implies that they don’t return, their mind remains free of believing in a someone who is returning.”

    “Subhuti! Would an arhat think something like, ‘I’ve accomplished the level of arhat!'”

    Subhuti said, “No, World-Honored One! They wouldn’t, because there is really no such thing as an arhat. If an arhat thought that they had accomplished attaining the level of an arhat, that would mean that they would be attached to an idea of a self, or to one of being a being, or of someone living a life or to an idea of some sort of an eternal personage. Most Holy and World-Honored One, you have mentioned that I, Subhuti, am the most accomplished in the meditative continuum that ends grasping on to desires. True enough. Free from desires, I entertain no thought of freedom from desires. O Great One! If I thought about how I had done something to establish a level of arhatship, or believed that I had accomplished the attainment of freedom from desires, then you would have never confirmed that I attained it!

    “Or another way of putting this, is that by living in a carefree spiritual manner in the wilderness, without holding concepts of forest-wandering yogis or their practices, that would mean I would be a 'forest-wandering yogi.'"

        "The Diamond Teaching"  (Vajracchedika Prajna Paramita Sutra)
                tr. by Sol Ta Triane
                Featuring the Buddha in a discussion with his disciple, Subhuti
                Recorded by the disciple, Ananda