February 9, 2005

I Just Noticed

I just noticed there are no rules in the sky.
Clearly, my mind-set is a waste,
My knowledge, meaningless.
Shock and regret; also meaningless.

I think I lost myself somewhere,
Perhaps on the last corner back there.
Instead of going back to retrieve it,
I let the dog out to play.

Down beneath the labyrinth caves of the thought-world
Lies the unknown savior, intuitive awareness.
No one meets this being:
He is hidden to all.
Psychic and artist can merely sense him at a distance.

He is a killer.
He will take your life if you get near him
And that’s why you won’t
But you should.

Arms, bodies, the objects of thought-life
Lie scattered at the bottom of a canyon.
One mile up at the top of the wall
The monster of spontaneity remains unchecked.

© 2003 from FlowWorld, Sol Padma Tenzin

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