November 1, 2004

Welcome to the DogZen Blog, a Teaching Panoblog

For the new folks coming online, I thought I would mention the current topic we are presenting on the DogZen Blog. Since Zen, Tao, and other esoteric teachings have paticular understandings about the world that we can't put in a conventional intellectual box, I choose to represent this special knowledge in an unconventional panoply. This discussion is for adults who are willing to marshall their very best to address the questions of the ages. You may wish to consider the topics something that must be brought into a mature understanding in order for you to be fully human.

Please read all the past posts. The current topic is focusing around the critical topic of NIHILISM and its effect on us. So at this time, the panoply dances around this topic. Of course you regulars already knew that. A few posts back there was a pronouncement that you and I are infected by IT, and that this Factor "N" will hurt you. If you don't know what nihilism means, it's when you believe that you think you are real as the way you see yourself...AND, that that very "self" will "die". It is inferred that this belief "Factor" will effect almost everything you do, to your detriment. Even if you think of yourself as a spiritual person, you probably are really nihilistic, and that's why you need this. This is a first main reason why people are not progressing on a spirtual path.

The ongoing topic will be natural wisdom mind, which never ceases to be, and so is always up for discussion. But at this time, it must be spoken of in context with "nihlism". Thanks for trying.

I would like to see everyone go much deeper into the panoply discussion and contemplate on the current. If you can follow and do the self-motivated exercises that are obvious to some of you, you will be learning very advanced types of meditation. Those of you with a traditional background in Mahamudra and Dzogchen, or Zen, you are very welcome. Please understand that I am trying to avoid the use of traditional style of teaching, honoring the tradition of freedom, because I believe that we can speak mostly in ordinary language, (hopefully with extraordinary understanding.)

Everything posted is in an order and has meaningiful and personal. Every post is interrelated. If you can't see the connection, try harder and reread everything. Real seeking makes for real finding. Sincere questions and comments are welcome, just leave a comment. Good questions may be posted on the main post for all to consider.

Please use this resourse to benefit yourself, and ultimitely, others, as you have wanted all along. Batton down the hatches! You can conquer your own illusions, so gird your loins; sleeper, awake!