November 8, 2004

How Much Energy?

How much energy would it take to accomplish the view and meditation into fruition?
The energy that you normally waste would do the job.
It's a giant thing to clarify
How our ego path is confusion and waste of energy,
And that you have all the basic materials.


lucas said...

Yes Sir, Right on, that is a great wisdom mandala. My mind lit up, simply wonderfully, simple. Thank you.

dharmadata said...

thinking, i will surely start tomorrow, this method of learning and practicing the view and meditation, thinking thus, i follow the wrong view and am distanced from the meditation, for as i exist beyond my conception of existance, the view is always present in its purity, and i within itself is none other than the meditation itself thus one is trapped within the nihilistic view of the nonview

solburger said...

I must take refuge in the guru.