October 25, 2004


Stevester and Lucas' meditation song by Sara Evans, "Suds in the Bucket," just hit number one on the country charts. You can't stop the world, resistance to change, shame, surprise, choices, and...that joyful cruise into infinity that music can do so well. What else do you need? Getting a handle on any real honest human feeling, anything could be your opening. Just one speck of honesty might do it.

"Now don't you wonder what the preacher's gonna preach about Sunday morning
Nothin' quite like this has happened here before
Well he must have been a looker - smooth talkin' son of a gun
For such a grounded girl - to just up and run.
A little pony-tailed girl growed up to be a woman,
Now she's gone in the blink of an eye
She left the suds in the bucket
And the clothes hanging out on the line."


lucas said...

I confess being FRUSTRATED by glimpses of clarity overrun by egotism (eternalism). My ego stands strong in Naive Realism. Thank you for the teachings of the process of learning what the truth is! Seeing wondering in Samara as an aspect of creation, Samara is my own “BAD ART”. WAKE UP! Stop touching this (self) and forgetting you’re the creator.
May the hierarchy hear our prayers that all being be ENLIGHTED.
I miss Steve, please come visit.

claratara said...

I really like the story of Gampopa’s first meeting with Milarepa:

Then Milarepa invited him to sit down.
“Welcome! Here, drink!” he said, offering him a skull full of alcohol.
Disconcerted, Gampopa hesitated. On the one hand, he couldn’t refuse what was offered him by the person he came to receive teachings from. But on the other hand, a good monk cannot drink alcohol. What a terrible dilemma. Milarepa insisted.
“Don’t hesitate! Drink!”
So, stopping all thought, Gampopa drank in one gulp the entire skull of alcohol.
“Excellent! What a great sign of your capacity to assimilate all the teachings of the lineage!”
—Kalu Rinpoche, Luminous Mind

Wonder when I will have the willingness to just down a skull full of alcohol. If I think about it too much, it’ll probably never happen...