October 29, 2004

Repeating Why this Blog Exists...

I find it exciting that the internet provides a medium that is stimulating people to think. I have seen a growing group of internet writers who, for example, can intelligently pick apart the mainstream media's ample biases. Now that people are starting their own web newpaper/blog, the net seems to be bringing out scores of decent writers who would otherwise not be writing.

I find it exciting that hundreds of internet writers can intelligently pick apart the mainstream media. There seems to be many natural writers who can address issues with scientific and lawyer-like prowess, and often, a sense of humor to boot.

At the same time I find it disappointing that no one out there seems to be able to discuss the profound questions of our age with the same type of discrimination. The questions about dharma, life's meaning, seem overlooked or ignored. There are other things to discuss besides nihilist issues. The real stuff is sadly missing.

I guess I should say what I am trying to do here.... throw out bones for trans-nihilists to chew on.

Is there a chance that you are blocked from a real path because you have you been Oprafied (shallow-psychological approach)? Are you holding elitist attitudes from college? Still have a hippie's mind? I believe there must be a few exceptional people out there who can think for themselves.

We can get unstuck if we are determined, non-wimpy.

With that, would anyone like to participate in the mystical pursuits of life, or have you assimilated too far into the cult of of the big "N"? Didn't you read (and look at) the posts below? Please, please argue with me and say that nihlism, (the focus on this material life only,) is a good thing.....otherwise, it's too sad.


lucas said...

I'm sure it will be fun to argue with you, and I vow to train in the cure. Help!---Not on the same page.

lucas said...
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solburger said...

The topic of the last three posts is nihlism, our uncosciousness about it, and the damage it does.

jazzap said...

The Real question is " Is mind itself the real way that anything is known?" Is there a knowing that transcends conceptuality, transcends emotional attachment and preference?What is it that we are trying to achieve in knowing anything? Safety? Superioity? Or is it just the pure delight in dancing with this current configuration of knowledge, digging its beauty but with no real attachment of "I HAVE FOUND THE TRUE PATH!!" Stay open, spacious, the only valid spiritual direction is to "Go further!"