September 3, 2004

Rules in The Lotus

In general, we or any group of modern practitioners of the Awakening to the Mystery In What Is need to discuss and agree on some of the stabilizing rules for such an undertaking. We will also need to bring this to each serious student so they too can use it for their own preparation and stabilization in the non-process/process.

Some Rules that need attention include:

The Three-Part Dedication.
Dedication (samaya) means that if somebody is breaking the confidence of the highest good, sealed by the three commitments, they then need to make the corrections to the error or will need to remove their karmic weight so it doesn’t remain a hindrance in the group motility. The Lotus Organization and every field-related school require these commitments (the samaya of nature, manifesting wisdom mandala, and of the compassion of universal interconnectedness), which can and should be studied and understood more and more deeply through instructional pointing-out and ongoing proper practice. If commitments are breached or practices off kilter or empowerments are interpreted conceptually, then these problems must be fixed or the student will have to break with the group for the best outcome under the circumstances.

The Attitude.
The general attitude of working with other practitioners of the Way of Enlightenment is one of of a sense of unity (with everything), integrity, mutual respect (particularly for those daring to be in the mystery) and support (particularly for those). Any less is considered a problem.

The Aspiration.
The most important quality for movement on any true spiritual path is aspiration. There is concern when it is lacking, confidence when it is not.

The Need to Show Growth.
Since we are lost and have discovered the map back home, each human properly following the map of rediscovering their magic will show growth. This is observable by the instructor both through intuition, energy work testing and verbal testing and their inter working with the group. This is not saying anything about the difficulty of the path and the ability of the students or benefactors which is necessary in order to decode and use the map and travel to one’s destination. But look: this is not a perfect endeavor, the more you expect, the more trouble. There are layers of briars and wild animals that the student must pass through. Major and minor obstacles. But its all doable, or Jesus, Buddha and Lao Tsu are nothing but liars. But well done is still must be.

It is not unusual that people needily think they want to join something. We are not such a society for that person. Your natural awakening is a living and awake work. It resides naturally in consort with others and a constant correction of interaction. Those who are not equipped to go just yet. That is the way it is, it’s a discussion for another time. Joining the “Mandala of the Lotus” is esoteric integration of a combination of knowledge and being, not a bunch of genuflecting, reciting, rote learning or a pleasant teacher-student non-relationship. For this reason, we need to pay particular attention to newer students and pay attention to the core motivations which must be a love for bliss-openness honest integrity (bodhichitta), the desire to benefit self and others beyond ordinary beliefs in temporary dense or eternal light phenomena building more and more into the actual warmth of healing.

I’ve always wondered why
People are infatuated with objects and activity
While ignoring their cloud of perception?
Perhaps their mind seems subtle,
Beside the point.

So please march on.
I don’t want to bother you,
Because it’s going to hurt
Looking into your mind
And not knowing the first thing to do;
A beginner in a vast, limitless land.

(But if you have what it takes
I’m so glad for you.
You’ll get what you need,
With the power to succeed.)
olde dog