April 16, 2019

The Esoteric Teaching of The Lotus

Right from the beginning it is crucial to start with the attempt to understand God. That is what The Lotus teaches people to do. We don't focus on form. We emphasize God because God is the first principle. In terms of philosophical understanding, when we explain the world we start with God and we end with God. We don't discuss all the form kayas and then try to explain where they came from; that wouldn’t make sense. God is the beginning and the end, so we start with the beginning and the end. The middle, all the bardos, are taught later.

The first thing to understand in an advanced spiritual path is about mystic being, buddha nature. That is the purpose of the Higher Self empowerment. What you are being shown is your true nature, which is buried underneath your fake nature. Since the beginning of Lovestream in 1992, we started there and never deviated. We called it "Higher Self." It is not the self that you conceptualize. The way that you think of yourself is just a temporary flitting through the universe. That will not exist in the future, but your ultimate nature will exist. Knowing your ultimate nature is how you find happiness in this world.

Making progress toward realizing your buddha nature requires having samaya, commitment to that buddha nature, God, dharmakaya. You start with the stimulation of it, and then from that point on you dedicate yourself and make a decision about it. If you walk away and let it go, that is because you didn't really get it. If you got it you would be back for more every day, over and over, throughout the day and night. The Higher Self empowerment is to help you stabilize in the recognition of God as your path.

The esoteric teaching of The Lotus of the Buddha, Christ and Tao is the actual masters awakening us. The real Lotus Organization isn't a church corporation; it is an organization that exists esoterically. From the outside it is perceived as some sort of church. "The Lotus" refers to the actual lotus of awakening. If you were to walk into a Christian church, it is possible there could be one person in there who is really in the lotus of the esoteric Christian church. The church isn't the building or the people in it: the church or lotus is the beings who are truly in connection.

How do you keep from conceptualizing your Higher Self? Consider that if you have been lost in samsara for eons, more lifetimes than you possibly could fathom, then you are probably very used to it, and if you have even the slightest realization it is easy to muck it up. Chances are you are going to mix it with the poison that is your regular samskaric thinking, your messy mind. Unfortunately, you can’t expect a fast food type of enlightenment where you can drive up, order and become enlightened. When you hear the teachings and explanations, then you can learn how to untrick yourself and break your bad habits. In the end, you can't really do it. It's impossible to become enlightened, but because your nature is magical, your natural way to be is enlightened.

The term "Higher Self" could seem biased in that it might imply perhaps a better self or a super self. Interestingly, when you attain enlightenment you can create all sorts of amazing selves. If you want you can even create really crummy beings, too. You can create all sorts of things because you won't cling to them, so they won't really matter. You will remain enlightened in all those situations.

When one receives the Holy Spirit, there is really not a self who receives the Holy Spirit. It is simply an awakening experience. In Christianity it is called the "Holy Spirit," "receiving the Holy Spirit," or "being touched by the Holy Spirit," but there is no receiving, no touching, and no self. Of course, there are changes in chi and shifts in phenomena on the physical, etheric, astral and mental levels based on that.

When a person uses the term "God," they can misunderstand it and use it to signify something conceptual. Alternatively, they can start to recognize it correctly as the dharmakaya, the basis of all things, out of which everything arises and to which everything returns. One person is using the term and attaining enlightenment; another person is using the term and remaining confused in samsara grasping onto an idea of a bizarre super being. The same applies to any other name for "God," including "Higher Self," "tathagata-garbha," "buddha nature,” "Tao." Shallow people think these designations refer to something separate, perhaps a gigantic superhero of some sort.

No wonder atheists today are so skeptical when they listen to quasi-spiritual teachers, ministers, priests and popes deliver their claptrap. It's hard to blame them too much because a lot of what they hear from these supposed religious authorities is delusional. One needs to know actual God, Tao, dharmakaya, Higher Self, buddha nature. That is the fount of life: the basis of all life, the basis of all things.

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