January 30, 2005

Gampopa, Mohammad, Omar and Tony Blair

All beings have buddha nature.
BUT only a certain type of person has the ready basis in order to take advantage of that and connsumate their inner freedom.
Which ones? Only those who....
Have time and capability and a good situation, like living in a free country, getting the teachings, etc., (10 freedoms)
AND have a trusting, longing and clear faith (aspiration and 27 aspects of intutive faith)
Have the basics which would allow for the path of this greatest of accomplishments.

(in DogZen, you got to have these things if you want to progress and join the party.)

When Mohammad and Omar from Iraq the Model expressed their wish for freedom recently, they were accused by the New York Times of being agents of the CIA . The mainstream press is strongly emphasizing death and individual protection and is ignoring sacrifice and aspiration. Why is it that you don't seem to get this aspiration for freedom thing? Why would you think it's an option?

A speech by Tony Blair follows. Mr. Blair, seems to think that freedoms and conditions are worth fighting for. What don't you understand about sacrifice and freedom?
This is the right use of "Speech".

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