September 5, 2012

Chapter 21: If a Buddha Can’t Explain It, Then Who Is Going to Get It? –– THE DIAMOND SUTRA

    “Subhuti! Don’t think that I, the Inconceivably Dynamic, Transcendent-Yet-Appearing Individual, am here to teach the meaning of the spiritual teachings! The idea that spiritual meaning can be taught is incorrect, and anyone saying that that’s what I’m doing is misrepresenting me and my efforts. Actual meanings aren’t explainable. Nonetheless, what I do is still considered to be an explaining of the spiritual meaning.”

    Subhuti then asked of the World-Honored One, “In the future, during the period of the societal collapse of spiritual integrity, will there be people who will be able to comprehend the implication of this type of teaching?”

    “Subhuti! Those future people that you call ‘people’ aren’t people, and neither are they not people!”

        "The Diamond Teaching"  (Vajracchedika Prajna Paramita Sutra)
                tr. by Sol Ta Triane
                Featuring the Buddha in a discussion with his disciple, Subhuti
                Recorded by the disciple, Ananda  

              A Poementary on Chapter 21 of the Diamond Teaching

Subhuti blurts out what he’s not supposed to say,

But consider the context, it may be okay
He really gets going, broad insight he shows...
Hey, not bad, Subhuti! But the Buddha, he flows