June 10, 2012

Seven Facets of our World System

Inclusive within the fact of creativity being limitless, the facets of the jewel of this creation were chosen in the form of sevens. Objects seem to slump to one facet or the other, or to none at all, becoming ubiquitous.

The creator's facet-law may be perceived as a rainbow of colors, a scale of sounds, a pallette of smells or tastes and too, that catchall we call "mind". The wholes part into the sevens, the desired effect.

Much has been taught about the senses and the sevens, here now, that which is called mind shall be addressed:

The Jewel is Love and Wisdom as a unity.
Its facets are...

Love-Wisdom (again)

 Which may display as these opposites...

1. Will-- wrong use extremes: overforcing and underforcing
2. Love-Wisdom-- wrong use extremes: naiveté and superficial love
3. Activity-- wrong use extremes: excess movement and lack of movement
4. Art-- wrong use extremes: perfectionism and conflictedness
5. Organizationality-- wrong use extremes: clunkiness and lack of formation
6. Aspiration--wrong use extremes: emotionalism and dullness
7. Ceremoniality--wrong use extremes: (belief in) control and (belief in) out of control

But better that they are in direct, non-confused expressivity without self-deception:

1. Will--Right Intent
2. Love--Wisdom--bona fide Love and Wisdom
3. Activity--Intelligence, Wisdom, Love in Action, the Holy Spirit
4. Art-Play--playing in the of opposites without clinging
5. Organizationality--useful organization
6. Aspiration--seeking the return toward understanding
7. Ceremoniality--the practice-performance of the magic good