December 1, 2011

Chapter 4: The Result of Giving Without Attachment –– THE DIAMOND SUTRA

“When a person who aspires to be a bodhisattva helps others, they should do so without clinging to anything about the act. They should help others without clinging to ideas or expectations. In giving they shouldn’t hold on to how things seem to appear, smell, sound, feel or taste—for that matter they shouldn’t hold on to anything at all.
 “And why do you think they need to give in that peculiar manner, Subhuti? By helping others without grasping, bodhisattvas cause inconceivable amounts of goodness!
 “Now, Subhuti! Think! Can you fathom the entire span of space to the eastward direction?”
 “No, World-Honored One, that's inconceivable.”
 “How about the space that goes southward, westward, northward, or up or down? Can you fathom those vast spans of space?”
 “No, World-Honored One, I can't fathom those either.”
 “Subhuti! The amount of goodness produced by a bodhisattva unattached to his charity would likewise be inconceivable. Those who want to become bodhisattvas need to act and follow these instructions.”

        "The Diamond Teaching"  (Vajracchedika Prajna Paramita Sutra)
                tr. by Sol Ta Triane
                Featuring the Buddha in a discussion with his disciple, Subhuti
                Recorded by the disciple, Ananda