November 27, 2011

Chapter 3: What to Think If Aspiring to Be a Bodhisattava –– THE DIAMOND SUTRA

Then the Buddha spoke, saying, “O Subhuti! Anyone who aspires to bodhisattvahood should use their minds and think in this way:

    I shall liberate every single being (whether born from an egg or a womb, whether born in water or in the atmosphere, whether distinct in shape or amorphous, whether the kind that thinks or the kind that doesn't) taking each and every one of them to the state of absolute and perfect nirvana! But even though I say I bring everyone to absolute perfect nirvana, the beings being brought aren’t really beings—which means no one is being brought into a state of absolute perfect nirvana!

“Now, Subhuti! You may be wondering why potential bodhisattvas would need to think in this way. They’d need to because, if they still held to ideas that selves exist—that beings are beings, that lives are lived, or in the actuality of  ongoing individual personages—they wouldn’t be able to be bodhisattvas!”

        "The Diamond Teaching"  (Vajracchedika Prajna Paramita Sutra)
                tr. by Sol Ta Triane
                Featuring the Buddha in a discussion with his disciple, Subhuti
                Recorded by the disciple, Ananda  

Chapter 4:  The Great Result of Giving Without Attachment