November 14, 2006

Ecstasy So Kind

The excitement of this lady, it is almost too much,
Muscles ache, now come the tears.
It’s so damn perfect to be so high,
After the wait, after all these years.
It seems that I’ve put away my fears.

In fortune I’ve learned from the masters of masters
Now I take in the dakini’s touch.
As we embrace, O let us sigh,
And encourage the bliss that we crave so much,
Unlacing event in the nature of such.

Some, they say that we’re human, aye?
We’re more, of this I have no doubt!
How can our ecstasy be so kind?
Have you considered to ask about, why her
Scent and her lust I won’t live without?

Take what you want, I’ve got something better!
Insane, I take shoulder, her waist and her thighs.
While you reap fame, more money, convention,
An untamable fire erupts in her eyes. Take your
Things, thanks, and leave me here, with her affection.


dcat said...

Looks good Solburger! ^..^

Anonymous said...

What are the "chemicals" you metaphorically speak about in this teaching....please compare attributes of maha ati and mahamudra in the relative sense.....may all beings.....thank you lotsawa pema..........

Anonymous said...

actually, above question refers to "on why you beat the bushes'......thanks, may all beings.......

raykii said...

The kid
Tripping on her
Long grey beard
Says with gratitude
Basking in your Light.