January 19, 2006

Eight Hangups

There's a classic teaching that is brought up from time to time known as the Eight Worldly Concerns or the Seven Ray Opposites. It took me years but I'm starting to see something really deep in them, much more than what first met my eye.

In short, you can go as far as you want if you are willing to let go of eight hangups. Your energy will be reappropriated to the way of life.

By the way, the hangups come in four diads. Here they are:

Hangups about financial and material losses and gains
Hangups about needing pleasure and avoiding pain.
Hangups about wanting to be liked and appreciated, and being blamed.
Hangups about popularity and disgrace.......

Heres to the hope that someone will get it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

caught in the illusion that i am somebody, i swing from opposite to opposite within the 8 daughters of mara, experiencing the pain and pleasure of preconceived plans and results........free from this illusion, i, the nobody, the no-body of permanant concrete reality, the spirit of tao, travel swiftly thru time in the everpresent moment of now..........simplifying my life, i rest in nature's beauty, and ache for the beings caught in the busy ness of life...................