September 3, 2005


another interview, a seemingly typical 'cajun girl' now at the astrodome, when asked about the accomidations said "I can't thank the people of texas enough, clean cots, hot food, showers, clean towels, they have been so nice, so polite, caring, I don't know how to thank them.."
When asked if she would return to New Orleans, she said "I might go back to maybee get my funiture, but I don't want to live there anymore, some of these people acted like.. well.. animals. I don't want to live next to them no mo [more].."

Now that's better.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

sol, hello, what are you doing watching tv, yelling at the tv,
commenting upon the tv, come out of retreat and watch your students, yell at your student, comment upon your students, lead us to final liberation....we are here, we are sincere, you are the lamp in the dark sky.......