September 7, 2005

About Yahoo! and Microsoft

Freedom to the Chinese People!!

Yahoo and Microsoft are assisting the heavy handed Communist Chinese government in modernizing its legacy of citizen abuse and misinformation.

Be sure to inform yourself here:
Reporters Without Borders For years Yahoo ! has allowed the Chinese version of its search engine to be censored. In 2002, Yahoo ! voluntarily signed the "Public Pledge on Self-Discipline for the China Internet Industry", agreeing to abide by PRC censorship regulations. Searches deemed sensitive by the Chinese authorities such as “Taiwan independence” in Chinese into the Yahoo ! China search engine, retrieve only a limited and approved set of results.

A US-based multinational, Yahoo ! Appears to be willing to go to any lengths to gain shares of the Chinese market and it is investing heavily in local companies.

Roger Simon

Join the boycott by switching from Yahoo and Microsoft to other products and services. Be sure to let them know why you did.

Please inform us if you can think of other ways to change this situation.