February 1, 2005

To Each and Every One

Each and everyone, striving to be happy:
May all be happy this very day.
May everyone overcome confusion:
No matter what doubts have arisen,
And sins have been committed,
May it all be forgotten
While all beings enter the sphere of great joy that never ends.

May there be fantastic fields of cheering and jubilation,
Festivals never before seen.
May fields grow bountifully
And all hearts be overflowing.

May playfulness be overwhelming
As concerns disappear.
As all beings become our friends,
May even animals lose all fear.

May all hopes become grounded in success.
In all-fulfillment may need be ended.
May all beings regardless of background or type
Endure happily in the great and simple goodness.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

is there one moment when we really give thanks to the very breath that allows us to give thanks........is there one moment that we really give thanks that mind has no ground, no substance, no crystalized, other than habitualized thought, reality........this then is happiness, to leave yesterday to float in the wind on nothingness, empty, except for habitual thought, of any real power to influence today, or tomorrow........may each and everyone wake up each morning free of greed, anger and ignorance......may they play at least once a day, remembering all is intrinsically empty......each morning, like a soft breath at sunrise, holds all potential of dreams and goodness, may all beings be good, free and delighted with this very life.......................