December 12, 2004

Neil Gladenberry's "Revelation of the Earth Secret"

"Attention, humans! The way you view the world affects all you do and makes it futile. Your ignorance is no match for my simple wisdom. You only see short term, therefore, your conceptuality will be assimilated."

Evil Sky-Binkie tries to move along the process of assimilation. Being connected into all beings with super-duper clairvoyance, he naturally responds to the call for help. Throughout the ages, someone was always there to request help.

So the Evil Sky-Binkie sends help throughout the ages. But the people who believe in fear and death couldn't comprehend their ways. And the people who believed in life and hope made up religions.

But Evil Sky-Binkie kept trying. He sent......

those earth-units are dense! They have created amazing dense-illusionary dreams! I wonder if they invented that cool Gorilla Glue stuff that I use to hang Muhammad's stars and that I use for those science-dreamers' dream-particles?"

Be sure to catch the next episode of Neil Gladinberry's "Revelation of the Earth Secret"!

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