December 12, 2004

Neil Gladenberry's Epic: "Revelation of the Earth Secret" Attack-Counterattack

In previous episodes the Evil Sky-Binkie fulfilled the the requests of the earthwimps, but it was to no avail. He was saddened. (Not really but it makes a good story)

"Whoh, here comes more requests, so I will try again, better find your loins and gird them!" he said and he created.....

But again, those who believed in death could only see them from the framework of their own beliefs although they were taught exactly how to take care of the problem. And again, the hopeful went and created more religions. Some even created more religions about the religions.

"I seem to have sent help but these hardened ones are quite good at generating the illusion of non-magic! It goes without saying, the cycle of suffering on earth shall continue.

Instead of digesting the teachings, these believers in a self and an eternity think I am a seperate entity from them and that it is a seperate me sending these masters. They have no idea about The Real Me. They think I am God and that I sent them my son but that is a good way to look at it for now. They don't know that it is them doing everything. They can't handle that anyway, so don't teach this point to them. Thanks for understanding, Wild Ones of the DogZen Blog.

I remain your most humble and untamable Evil Sky-Binkie!" (It sounded good)

And, contrary to all scriptures, sutra and shastra, Sky-Binkie never gave it a second thought, or even a first one. He danced the dance of a wild wind on the top a cold mountain at the end of time, chanting...

"Catch me if you can!
Gird your freekin loins, wimpcakes!
Everything is here that you need!
In thoughtless simplicity, I, the Evil Sky-Binkie, love you...
Hello, Goodbye, and Everything!"