November 3, 2004

The Zen Warrior is a Liberal and a Conservative

A Zen Warrior is liberal, in that he can see all points of view and relate to each with an understanding as to why that view exists.

Liberal, in that he spent his past and will spend his future on that which is meaningful, without the fear of fitting in.

Liberal, in that he has recognized a naturalness which is nonjudgemental, and therefore hosts a vast and compassionate mind.

Liberal, in playfulness and creativity, never getting caught in temporal cultural or vogue ideas.

Liberal, in giving and in sacrifice, even gladly offering his life, as did his forefathers, in order to benefit beings.

Liberal, with a clairvoyant mind that can perceive others suffering and can trace it back to its cause: elitism, narcissism, egotism and blame, feeling sad because they are unable to share his sense of joy and freedom.

Liberal, in that he can be conservative, too, if that is the highest good.

A Zen Warrior is conservative, in his concern about the suffering of the future generations, who will live difficult lives as an effect of the degradation of morality and values.

Conservative about wanting to return to a belief in unlimited human potential.

Conservative, in that, since everyone is connected to spirit, everyone has something to give and should give it, not merely because there's a governmental law mandating it, but as universal moral law of sharing.

Conservative, because, since life is the magical and sacred divine creativity, and since bureaucracies tend to displace peoples spontaneous creativity and helpfulness, governments should help in areas only when it is really necessary and doesn't detract from the natural tendencies to be helpful.

Conservative, because the mentality that believes that government can make everything good, is actually harmful in that it will makes the people poor and causes their creative power to become incapacitated.

Conservative, in having core values beyond "anything is OK (mentality).

Conservative, in sticking with whatever it takes for the highest good.

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