November 2, 2004

Three Stages in the Opening Lotus: Stage One, Confusion

Stage One:

(Naive Realism)

The Two Philosophies:
Nihilism and Eternalism

Activities with no Benefit

Perpetuation of Suffering

You don't have to accomplish this: you already have! You just need to understand what happened.


Suzie said...

Looking at old notes tonight,
jotted down Solburger words.
Empty yet appearing
instead of nothing and real,
A nihilist thinks in terms of real.
Instead of saying nothing you
might realize it is empty.

claratara said...

Thanks for the reminder about activities with no benefit. Sometimes I feel angry when I see people doing things that seem like a waste of time and energy. Instead, I should recognize the suffering that those activities are going to cause at some point in the future, if they haven't already. Perhaps part of the reason I feel angry is because certain aspects of my mind secretly wish they were engaging in those same activities?

claratara said...


maybe if I can be
pretty enough
or smart enough
maybe if I can
do enough
or accomplish enough
maybe if I can
say the right things
or wear the right clothes
then maybe the world will love me
and I won't have to be alone.