November 24, 2004

Solburger's Sanskrit Lesson #89: Givingthanks

I give thanks to the Guru-Yidham-Dakini
(trans. My helpers, and pure expression of what should be known and expressed)

Lord Christ
Karmapa (16)
and Da-In!

In celebration....
A feast of enjoyments beyond comprehension! (torma)
May the door-enterers now engage, generating the overflowing infinite bliss,
The renderings of thankfulness and joy.
If you have doubt, touch the screen, feel the bliss.


lucas said...

From; The Words of My Perfect Teacher by Patrul Rinpoche
"The precious wheel of faith
Rolls day and night along the road of virtue.
Faith is the greatest wealth and treasure, the best of legs; It is the basis for gathering all virtues, like arms.
May we take refuge in the Three Jewels with the wish that all beings may attain Buddhahood.
Thank you for the blessings

Anonymous said...

many blessings, many teachers, many beings.............rare is the one who gives thanks, rare is the one who has met the great ones, this being who gives thanks, may this one remain in the mainstream, giving teachings, giving blessings.......may this one, thru compassion, remain available to those who follow the path of faith, bliss and skillful actions........great is our desire for true teachings, few are the teachers who know the profound teachings of compassion, wisdom and skillful means leading the pristine emptiness of all teachings.....we give thanks to you, e ma ho oh radiant being, we beseech thee, again, oh compassionate one, we beseech thee, thrice we beseech thee, oh modest one, stay in the world, and shower thy blessings upon us.....................