November 12, 2004

Revelation of the Earth Secret, Part Five, Rectification

The Evil Sky-Binkie, riding along, sings his proposterous spontaneous song.
Singing in strong, in a country style, all the while holding the wryest smile:

Can I be straight with you?
I suppose its hard to see.
Now you slip beneath the water line.
If you won’t take a look, what can you find?
Ok, push your head up high, just tow the line.
I’ve been there too.

They say there’s more to this than what you think,
It's just we're just caught up in our stuff.
Then you heard there’s treasure buried there
Then you got it and you came to care.
Just when you thought there’s nothing new to see
You found out about the real me.

There’s a place that you might like to go
It isn’t really all that far.
Shake your shell off, you might see a sign
To where the sun’s so bright that the dreams will find
Or you can just keep tying that big black knot,
Is that all you got?

It’s a place that’s on brighter side
Now its time to take that place.
Misunderstanding fades, you smile in stride
I can see the world reflecting in your eyes.
After all the things you tried to be
You went and found your real me.

"The Real Me" song and lyric © 2004 Sol Ta Triane/Pizza Pie Music

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