November 1, 2004

Part Three: Factor "N" Discussion

Factor "N" is the biggest problem in the world. It was introduced in very ancient times and grew and has ended every culture until today. The suffering caused by Factor "N" is unfathomable and spans history.

Today the entire population is a part of the cult of Factor "N". Factor "N" itself makes it impossible to tell it is affecting you. You need some Factor "A" to get a glimpse of life beyond Factor "N". Fortunately, Factor "A" can work very well, but its tricky to get a hold of.

Now some people have said that there is no Factor "N and its just a conspiricy theory, something for late night talk radio. But Factor "N" can't even be discussed by conspiricy lovers...they have already succommed, as soon as you explain it, they wouldn't be interested. The nature of a cult is that you don't know you are in it and you're not aware of it's deception.

Recognizing natural wisdom and stabilizing in it is the only way to break free of the huge cult, because it is a planetary cult.

Dear readers of Dog Zen: Please send in your comments on what you think about factor "N" and I will post them! Lets discuss this great problem now.

Just as buddhas in illumination and dakinis that dance wildly are fictions to nihilists,
If I embrace their pessimism, I help the gods create unending grief.
Believing that that's the best I can do,
What kind of a person am I?


Suzie said...

I wrote a poem and erased it . It comes down to this.
Nihilism, it seems so confident and worthy , yet it is a killer.
Do not befriend a killer, unless you want to be a victim.
If you want to hang out in nihilism, you're practise is as good as dead.

Suzie said...
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Suzie said...

I questioned a hidden part of my personality, consequently all the ammunitition in the arsenal was available to the killer "N" factor. Maybe I exaggerate, there is probably much more stashed away, but it attacked with force just the same. It seemed to be a surprise invasion; caught me off guard. "N" factor thoughts were like bullets (pot shots at my practice), trying to defend,divert, control, and defeat. The enemy is at hand!
Prior to the battle "N" thoughts seduced me. Thinking there was no enemy all was seemingly calm. I was like a small child in a meadow, picking flowers, rolling down hills, resting beside cooling streams, I thought all was well, until I questioned, "is the "N" factor here?" Then all hell broke loose. The battle was on.
Wish me luck and much more. A warrior's battle is not seen by all, but is intense to the one battling the big "N".
I am wondering~ instead of calling out "CHARGE",
would I be better off calling out "HELP?"

claratara said...

Why does nihilism seem so normal and socially acceptable?