November 3, 2004

Number One Problem in Modern People

Problem number one, the thing that keeps people stuck the most. The dysfunction that makes it impossible to rejoice in this world and creativity.....wait a minute.

(It's not lack of peace
It's not lack of ordinary intelligence
It's not lack of equanimity
It's not lack of religion
It's not too much religion)

The number one problem in modern people is that they are wimps. Being wimpy (does that have an "h" in it?) means you don't have it in you to address the profound issues of life. Wimpiness will become an additional blogging topic on DogZen and I would be glad to hear your comments about your own and other observed wimpiness.

I want to to collect "go for it" type statements so send me any you can think of. Gird your loins!
I will make a future blog with the "go for its" you send me.