November 10, 2004

Generosity-Liberality Vs. International Narcissism

We have been told the importance of generosity by Christ, Buddha, Mother Teresa, St. Francis, and so on. The Tibetan Kagyu system of perfecting yourself six ways begins with generosity, Herbert Guenther, the great and inspirational translator, gives us the word "liberality". That to me really means open to sharing.

Now use this link and study the page. Look closely. Notice a decisive trend in the generosity of the people in these 50 States? "Liberal" states don't seem to be very liberal when it comes to sharing their money. Understanding why this is can help you unchain yourself from nihilism.

This information would shock the Dalai Lama!

Now, a bit about karma (sanskrit). This energy of selflessness creates prosperity. So, according to the law of karma, Mississippi, the poorest state will someday be the richest! You might consider moving there if you feel natural around a more sharing, kinder type of people.

Inversely, you can understand how poor countries got that way.

The wealth of the Western world is a result of good past karma. In order to keep it, we will need to generate good karma, through generosity, kindness and compassion. What about future predictions? I don't think people are ready for it.

Technically, there's no greater love then in the sacrifice of the body,
But a yogi sacrifices body and mind.
The closed-minded think about sharing
In the context of a write-off.

A simple dollar in the offering basket resounds the future.
Even if the hurricane missed the dream house on the Gulf Coast,
Just thinking of me, something always remains unsatisfying.

This life is really brief
May we earn our keep
And have happiness.

Who wants to go to visit some of these giving states and talk to the people and see where they are coming from? Maybe the good old America has something good going for it. I know the socialist response: "These are just those dumb Christians mindlessly being duped into giving to their churches."


This story is about my friend, Michael E's deceased mother, a bodhisattva, (compassionate one). She lived in Mississippi, that most kind of states (see study above). Even with her husband deceased and her being old and poor, she spent all her time baking pies and making food for the elderly with the little money she had. She never worried about being broke, she just helped others. She lived and died happily and peacefully and you can rest assured that she went straight to "heaven" with no doubt. May we all become like her, free and unconcerned about ourselves, living in simple kindness.

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