November 6, 2004

The Four "No Bull" Truths

The fact of our suffering.
The cause of all suffering.
The fact that all suffering can end.
How to do it.

images 12 People today are trying harder than ever to be happy,
But they don’t know how.
If you talk to a nihilist about going for it, she thinks it doesn’t exist.
If you discuss it with religious people, they get scared about losing their sticky hope.

No wonder the Buddha didn’t know what to do when he became enlightened.


Suzie said...

For all those believing nihilism is a true view, read on.

I came across Solburger's poem called:

Eulogy for Pesimism

Today my pessimism died.
It rolled down my leg
And into the sewer grate,
Making its way slowly
To the center of the earth.
Perhaps it will like it there.

He said ".. pessimism is only a contructed mental block....being pessimistic is believing that NOTHING works, and that is just simply an assumption"

"Now that we have overcome pessimism, we can put some amazing practices to the test. These practices, the ones we never tried are called Dharma Practices which comprise the path of enlightenment, Buddha's Fourth Truth."

Practitioners like myself, may stick around for years, but still believe this "NOTHING WORKS RULE" is for real.

Thank you for always reminding me that such unexamined rules are really not rules at all.

I want to know the truth, not just a cool concept of what might be true.

Let the Buddhas Four "No Bull " Truths be known.

Let the suffering be obvious. (no cover ups)
Let my contribution to suffering be apparent.
Let me be confident in the possiblility of the end of suffering.
Let me practice until enlightened.

claratara said...

The fact of suffering is so important. Most of the things that we are trying so hard to get are a mixed bag at best or a disappointment at the very least. Until there is awareness of this, however, fascination with samsara continues, and we will never enter the path of enlightenment.

claratara said...

How can one have the motivation to go all the way without getting stuck or crystallizing?