November 23, 2004

Eulogy for Matt Schoener

Matt Schoener certainly doesn’t need a eulogy,
But it could help others
So I will ruin this nice quiet with my slipshod mind

Arriving in this yuga,
Is like being dropped in a tub of poison:
Nobody gets the easy treatment.

You got to do what you got to do,
So in that passing moment we call life,
Never putting up with us new-age morons,
You left a trail of frauds, crushed and strewn behind.

You never charged enough.
We probably should have bowed.
You didn’t need to be so nice.
You trapped attention in forms and events so fun,
Even you bought into them sometimes,
But the secret was really in how you did the chicken.
Anyway, I’m glad you get to work it from the easy side,
Especially since this isn’t your best planet.

This kind of person doesn’t need to go to heaven,
Crucified upside down,
You can now fly in all directions
In your empty subtle body.

Now I complain;
“Excuse me, didn’t I just see Bodhidharma?
Sorry you missed him.
Without direction and discipline
Aren’t we just kleenexes?

The inconceivable is inconceivable.
Those who speak don’t know:
When the mystic friend steps away.
This becomes a lonely dream.”

Disregarding that samsara continues to be all the rage,
Behind closed doors, the unknown practitioner of the humble secrets
Weeps every single day, embarrassed for the world.

By the way, it comes to mind
That a few reinforcements would be nice.

© The Lotus Organization, 2004

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