October 11, 2004

Transformational Quickie


Susan, my suggestion is to notice who thinks they're "doing" the
> transformational quickie.
> Sol's suggestion to me during the last retreat was to "give up
> transformation for enlightenment." Although transformation techniques can
> be
> very useful, even better is not manipulating.
> I told Sol recently that I realized I was a "hopeless manipulator" so I've
> been just trying to "be the manipulator" instead of manipulating the
> manipulation.
> Clara

From Gabrielle,

Hi y'all. I find this discussion very interesting particularly since this is an area of frustration for me. To recognize the manipulator in us and see its artful work without attachment is extremely helpful. To manipulate further with transformation techniques is something that I'm not particularly good at - I would argue that it doesn't resonate for me. What I have found is that when I bring the "manipulation" into my higher self or my mandala, it often (not always) dissolves into "non-conceptual space". Of course, that does not mean that the issue or manipulation doesn't come up again at some later time, but generally it is not as energized.

The notion of redirecting our focus from transformation techniques to enlightenment turns me on - is this because I really don't like transformation techniques - partly. However, our manipulations do stand in our way and obscure our vision and therefore our path to enlightenment. So our manipulations do have to be recognized, transformed, let go, or some such thing.

What's your opinion on this Sangha-folk?



solburger said...

Hi Gabrielle and All,

You say you're frustrated. You also mention your excellent HS practice.
First, everything, every single thing you are going through is a part of the course. There is a learning process and you are in the middle of it. There are lies and there is naturalness. The more you practice the more you get familiar with innateness.

The wisdom of all beings is naturally free. But because we have practiced the technique of samsara for ages, we have become really good at being confused. We are thickly encrusted in serious attitudes that have no basis, our jungle mind.

Because you requested help, and in order to benefit the lost, we were reminded of our naturalness through Kuthumi, Lovestream's Energy Work. We recognized the wisdom. We have practiced staying in that wisdom. It takes effort. But the "practice of confusion" that we practiced for eons did not get blown completely away. Fortunately, we have a little something for the rest.

The whole purpose of the modern tantric practice, what we call Transformation Techniques, is to recognize and establish buddha nature. Scholastic mind says, "What? You can't do something that is primordial, so I don't need to do anything." This is a horrific mistake, one that we all make. You have to have a teacher to help you through at this point. It takes personal attention. I had to have a teacher show me. This cardinal sin breeches our clarity into blindness....No one awaken by doing nothing!!. What nothing?? Stop throwing garbage around and open your eyes. Ego is negative manipulation, mostly subconscious, based on wrong views and we have the easiest way to overcome it. But not doing nothing!!

Conceptual ego says that our buddha nature is this way or that way, like high or clear. For example, in your case there is negative manipulating of what Clara said and complaining about looking into the mind and awakening (is this hard to see). Ego wants to think that Transformation Techniques will not awaken you. But that is a lie. The truth is right is your stuff, not just in the openness!

Transformation Techniques is living tantric practice that is on beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. You need to keep working and getting better advice so you can progress. Gabrielle, what you can progress to is very amazing. You have gotten hints but your intellectual mind is in the way. It is involved in confusing you. It can be healed (duh, Transformation Techniques).

One of the Techniques you learned in this lineage is to connect to the "higher self" and watch thoughtforms dissolve. This I have taught accurately with empowerment for many years. If I thought that this technique would work alone for students, I would only teach this technique. You do not quite understand the whole picture. Want to see the whole picture?


But if you asked good questions on the teachings of The Lotus and Lovestream and really tried to dig to the core, you might have some really good satoris.

Now about that frustration:
The easier part comes when you get the whole picture, but until then you are going to experience frustration.

Now, Gabrielle, you get a question. What in Transformation Techniques is frustrating? (Please, no school answer: school answers show that you don't understand what conceptual mind is and what wrong views are and what you have to overcome) Stand up strong, look and see who is frustrated. You must understand artificial views that are nothing but factories that make suffering. It takes work but its really worth so much, its your happiness at stake. Your frustration doesn't want to deal with it's false nihlistic and eternalistic views, it wants to remain.

Once there was a monk who had a sense of natural love and respect for his teacher and lineage, for God and people. He practiced day and night for years, always seeing the teacher as the buddha and all beings as the buddha as best as he could. At first, he forced his mind to do it because it just wanted to see people as permanently in a samsaric "reality". Sometimes he was frustrated. But he just kept to it. Of course the empowerments and practices he did softened his mind. And as it got clearer, he recognized that all the words about emptiness and nature were actually the way things were. All beings are buddhas......he was so happy and he never worried about anything again.

Gabrielle, Do you think that that monk will need to manipulate his meditation any more?
There are so many teachings on this by the maestros, I could go on but I won't.

Right use of Language:
When we thing of the word "technique" we think of some sort of action. Dzogchen and Urel Technique are very unique and unknown to the world. Since one does something, and we have to call it something, lets agree to call it a "technique" or maybe "practice". Please lets agree here.
For example, if people just live ordinary lives with out "looking" or "contemplating" or "seeking" or receiving "empowerment" or "learning", all things that we could consider "manipulation." Be sure to differentiate between the practices of a good intermediate tantric practitioner and an advanced one. You don't understand buddha activity.
The good learning practitioner has a good manipulation, one that generates good karma and a clearer mind. They practice tonglin, and see the emptiness of suffering. Then they receive the inner teachings about ones nature and naturalness!!! Get it? Its a PATH like:

1 samsara
2 connection with lineage and practices
3 advanced practices (more natural)
4 enlightenment of stabilizing in one's own nature, nirvana.

claratara said...

How can we use our ball of doubt to wake up? Sometimes when our doubts arise, we complain, e.g. "I don't like that style of teaching." "That technique doesn't work." Or "I don't want to do that assignment."

Or we might just suppress our doubt and not say anything.

Perhaps it would be better if we instead used our ball of doubt to ask questions, e.g. "What obscurations prevent me from benefitting from this teaching?" "How can I overcome my resistance to doing this assignment?" Or "What do I need to learn from this teaching?"