October 5, 2004

Sol is crazy, we will never have a forum.....

This is the place where all things can be made...magic mind melting into computer. It's all o's and 1's they say.

Enlightenment is such a feeble word. I'm lazy but if I work on words maybe some can come together for a zinging effect. There is something special out there thats worth talking about. (Play theme from "Twilight Zone") I kin feel it.

Are we just to em-bare-assed to talk about our feelings and hidden energy?

I bring this up on this first post because I really like my few serious friend practitioners, and here's why: If you say something you will probably mean it. Thats all.

The deal here is that we figure out what the universe is...who is to blame, and then ATTACK.....just kidding. What I really want to know is....who wants to discuss the mindmelting coolness of

New All Of The Above
Destroying New Age Slime

(maybe not the last one)
Yours Truly,
also called Pema Tenzin, Sol Ta Triane or worse

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