October 15, 2004

Question of the Day: Karma or just Do Your Thing?

OK everybody. Is there really karma, or is that idea passe'. Is it something we need to concern ouselves with and if so, how?

I am noticing that sangha basics are weak and people don't consider what the effect of what they do.


Suzie said...

If karma is passe what is it that I am seeing before my eyes. It is not exactly inspiring to be me( good old nihilistic Suzie), but if I pay attention to my thoughts and and notice what is appearing they somehow seem related. Mundane view, mundane days. They seem related to me.
That is good news! Right view who knows what will appear.

lucas said...

Is there karma? My answer is yes. Karma is a result of cause and effect, it can also mean action. I am not always mindful enough to see karma or the cause of it. No, karma is not passé. One of the gifts of karma is suffering. Suffering causes a desire to discover a cure and also serves as a reminder, so one does not fall asleep in this lifetime. By using mindfulness, one develops knowledge that can lead to awareness of natural mind. Karma, suffering, or the threat of doom can drive one to seek an antidote and ask a dharma teacher for guidance. A dharma teacher can give instruction on the path that will end karma. Not doing what our teacher asked is karma. What do you think?

My teacher also told me at the retreat recently that the way I think causes karma, so yes, it is something I need to concern myself with. My poor question asking skills have left me with the cause and effect of not knowing what was meant. The thought of a self seems like an Idea or wrong view; that has cause and effect also.