October 7, 2004

Let's Make a Mess

Even with nothing good to say, you, too, can add to this mess. Reborn as a fox-spirit, Hakuin is spews out endless tangles of new vines every minute.

"Writing is like sex. The more you think about it, the harder it is to do. It's better not to think about it so much and just let it happen." -- Stephen King

This is also good general good advice in how to use your mind. Oops, I forgot you don't have one, you are only "real."

Don't worry, sooner or later it's a unequivical certainty that you will say something stupid and you will be crushed. That's how it's done. Noone has discovered any other way to learn, except that those hoards of the weak minded social-materialists who are quite impressed with themselves having gotten "degrees" and who are mobilizing their cult to control the world for our highest good. Eeech! They really think that is learning, but what matters is WHAT DO YOU THINK? The amount of fun in this discovery about creativity is really so great. If you want to stop missing out, stop sitting on your hands.

Open potential doen't give a hoot what you write but the stench-heap created does makes excellent compost for the sky-flower plantation, and also is a fine nutritional suppliment for the jub jub bird.

1 comment:

pillar said...

How does a stubborn, arrogant, modern person with a big ego open to being crushed?