October 21, 2004

Everybody Thinks They Don't Have the Time

A new study by the University of Pensylvania shows that the average adult American has 48 hours of spare time per week. When the interviewed people for the study, everyone said they were stressed and too busy and didn't have any time. The director of the study said that they are all wrong, that people really have plenty of time and that its a state of mind. It turns out to be a "busy" mentality.

What is happening is that people are getting wimpier and softer and weaker mentally and physically. They sit in front of the tube for hours a day or waste their time on ridiculous things and, surprise, they feel off and unfulfilled.

(Actually people work less than they did in the 60's with much less housework done today than back then, according to the study.)

In the earlier post "Whoh" Daddy Hakuin says

"Don't think the commitments and pressing duties of secular life leave you no time to go about forming a ball of doubt. Don't think your mind is so crowded with confused thoughts you are incapable of devoting yourself singlemindedly to Zen practice."

I think he would ask what you are doing with your 48 hours.