October 23, 2004

Are You Creating this Mentality?

Political correctness. It's a trick. It is not possible to integrate with the teachings.

The Puyallup School District (search) in Washington State has canceled its annual Halloween parade and banned all other Halloween activities, insisting the costumes may be offensive to real witches and followers of Wicca (search) — a form of Paganism.

A school district spokeswoman, quoted by local KOMO-TV, says, "Witches [masks] with pointy noses and things like that are not respective symbols of the Wiccan religion, and so we want to be respectful."


Suzie said...

I started this morning responding to this posting.
I wrote it, deleted it, and wrote it again; more than once I must confess.
After 'trying to get it right', I finally noticed there was a question.
"Are you creating this mentality?" Darn right I am.
Caught again, I thought I was writing about those others way off in Washington state and about how they had missed the mark. Trying to do it "right"
They will never get it 'right', nor will I, with this mentality.

solburger said...

Suzie caught her own political correctness, right in the act. Everyone else must be beyond this problem. I think I see y'all in the clouds, the astral clouds though.

By the way, since we are spiritual brilliant modern people, into deep things like buddhism, meditation and peace, we should all vote liberal and Kerry, right??
Now you are in a heapotrouble.

Claire said...
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Suzie said...

Believing in political correctness or any seeming kind of correctness does not work with the teachings. Practicing at this point I want to remember, anything I fixate on 'seems' real and important , but like everything else is temporary and unsubstantial. Nothing remains, even if I ordain it to be correct. Being right, feeling good, self esteem, pride in ones self all fall to the wayside.
Each time I focus on defending a correct stance I am not aware of the solution to all dilemas, my own buddha nature. The good intention , fake compassion, of not offending someone is useless and further complicates an already complicated situation, otherwise known as samsara. Recognizing buddha nature is true compassion, respectful of all, and ends suffering. This is the end result the school board would really like to have if they only knew it was possible.

claratara said...

If we practice and teach the dharma, we are certain to offend some people! After some classes that I’ve given, my political correctness came up, and I worried that what I said might have been construed as offensive. The ability to just cut through to the point and say things like they are is very precious.