September 2, 2004

Praking or Slacking? by C.

Now that Sol has become temporarily "unavailable," different aspects of my
mind have been surfacing. Some, thinking that they are now "left to their
own devices," are ready to run wild and do their own thing. Others are
freaked out and worried about screwing up.

Sol once said that not teaching could be a way of teaching. Perhaps this is
a good test to see what we will do without the seemingness of somebody
looking over our shoulder. Will we slack off or use this time as an
opportunity to practice even harder?

Please keep in mind that we all need to contribute to the forum, even if Sol
is not using his email at this time. So please do check your email regularly
and respond to the group with questions, thoughts, etc.



claratara said...

Why do we practice? Is it because somebody told us to or because of our own desire for liberation?

claratara said...

"I show you the path of liberation.
Whether you attain liberation is up to you."
—Lord Buddha